Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Never too young to smoke.

So, here's my "finished" image for the music wall project. As I mentioned in the previous post, the dimensions were given to us the wrong way round so many of us had to re-jig things in order for it to work. (It was no-one's fault, just a misunderstanding.) I jigged mine around last night but got it wrong again, somehow...
I'm good like that.

I had to put my name and contact malarky on there somewhere but I didn't have space at the bottom, so I decided to put them down the sides instead. Not ideal, but I don't think I'd have finished in time if I had to redraw things again-again. It looks okay right? I think so, a bit.

I'm really excited about this! It's going to be great to see some awesome art from the participants of this mini project chilling out in the open for all to see.
I can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with.

Bye for now.


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