Monday, 22 August 2011


This image is a doozie! It took ages today to colour it because it's actually about 3 meters tall/wide! It's for some art/wall thing that is supposed to promote street preforming or busking. I figured I'd post it now because there was a slight hiccup with the sizing.

We were given the measurements for our images, but they never told us which was height and which was width. Mine was supposed to be 2305 x 2690, so I like many of the other people taking part went with width then height, which to be honest I thought everyone in the world did. Apparently not though! So I think everyone's images are too tall. Such a pain.

I'm going to add a bit more to each side of the image then paste it all together. No big deal, just a bit of a stress.

I can't wait to see this thing up on a wall in all it's majestic glory. Super excited.
Also, I think this drawing might be the best thing I've done for a while. Cool.


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