Monday, 4 July 2011

What's up with you grouchy pants?

Man I'm stupid. I was supposed to send these off by post for that Waterstones competition, but I didn't realise that until today. Total failure. Yeah, I had a month to do it in and I could make excuses about how down I've been lately, which actually has effected my work ethic a lot. I've literally spent a month sitting around being sad and appyling for awful jobs. It's been rough.
I think I'm getting happier now though, maybe. Doing this really cheered me up and I was totally psyched about sending these off for the competition, but I've screwed it up. Really mad at myself.
So, I thought I might as well post them on here for y'all to see. Enjoy

Edit* The images are for the "Beauty and the Beast" childrens book competition, in case you were wondering. You've got The Beast, Beauty herself and her Merchant Father, top to bottom yo.

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