Monday, 2 May 2011

Forgotten Space

Greetings from hyperspace nerds! here's a rough-ish first 8 pages of a comic that I'm working on. It's about a guy who's stuck on an uninhabited world with no hope of rescue and his coming to terms with his untimely end... Dark. That's the plan anyway, I think it might work out.

I drafted this up in an A5 notepad so the panels are a big thick and splodgy. I'll probably re-draw all of this at roughly double size, so that when I re-size the panels they'll tighten up. I just hope it reads okay... Maybe a little bit too fast? but if I'm going to make it say 24 pages or something, it needs to be pretty quick, at least at the start to kick things off before it gets weird!

Anyway, live long and prosper nerds.

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