Thursday, 10 February 2011

Feeling blue

Here's an image that I'm going to use for promotional purposes! (That's why the bottom bit is empty.) I'm well into this image. I actually still like it now. Usually when I finish something I'll hate it after about half an hour, but this one! this one's a keeper (For now.)

I took the palette from an image I did about a year and a half ago, which I didn't really like bar the colours. So this is a redemption peice for that palette, because now they're in something that is half decent. I actually did a good job inking something for once too, so it looks nice and clean.

I'll post up the finished promo peice after I complete the next part of my plan!


  1. well nice! so clean. went into this shop today that had all the nobrow books, you should totally get on at them

  2. Thanks Rob. Yeah I well should. I'm writing a history comic at the moment that I'm going to send to that first second. Just doing the first eight pages or something, but I well might contact Nobrow.

  3. i hate it when cat ghosts fly out of my ramekins