Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Playing it cool, that's my technique...

Yeah, so what I've only just got Fallout New Vegas? Who cares? Certainly not me. I'm quite glad I only paid £13 for it on amazon rather than £45 when it first came out. It's a very good game, but it feels a bit "been there, done that" but I love it anyway!
I've been in a real slump lately. Every time I put pencil to paper, it sucked. Thankfully I had a great birthday weekend and got to see my lovely girlfriend for five days! which seems to have given me my pencil powers back... YEAH!

Anyway, I've been playing Fallout NV on Hardcore mode since I got it last thursday and it's been brilliant! I'm not sure if I could play it and be as captivated if they hadn't included hardcore mode. It makes the missions and gameplay so much better, as I actually have to think before I do things now. No more running around mashing the Right trigger!

My character in game has gone down the science route, hence the energy weapon in the image. I think I would have been better off drawing a regular gun because that green is so garish, but that's how it looks in game. Whatever.

Now! Back to the wastelands...

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