Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lets crawl...

For a while now I've been playing a variety of "Dungeon Crawlers," or rogue-like games during my free time. Most recently I've been on a terrible journey to obtain the "Orb of Zot" from the lowest regions of the earth, frequently failing and dying horrible deaths at the hands/claws/teeth etc of the dungeons many inhabitants.
Usually when you play a game like "Dungeon Crawl," "Nethack" or even "Doom-rl" the graphics are in ASCII, but the one I'm currently playing, "Linley's Dungeon Crawl" features tileset graphics, which makes it a lot easier to decipher enemies and items.

As I've been playing this game a lot, it has naturally inspired me to draw something. So I made a picture of my current "Hero," Errol, Human rogue. He's not dead yet, but probably will be soon...

Back to the deep!

Edit: Poor old Errol... Splashed to death by an acid.

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