Thursday, 7 October 2010

Beyond the wall of sleep...

Double post! This post is basically the same as the last one, except it's about H.P Lovecraft.

I recently bought "The Necronomicon," which is a compendium of almost all of Lovecraft's published work and it's amazing. Yeah, some of the stories can be quite hard to read because of the language used and a lot of the stories read basically like diary entries but they are so good! I just love how bleak and hopeless his stories are. Not many of his characters live to be in another story. The dream-like world he writes about are terrifying, simply because they're described so well! But then again, I can see why no-one can make a great film adaptation of his stories (except the re-animator), because they're just so bat-shit!

So yeah, I drew this up a lot quicker than the Serling one, I don't think it's as good but I thought I'd post it anyway!


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